This blog is broadly about politics, conflict, intervention, activism, education, and history. I write about these things and more. I also read a lot. Some people just come here for the Weekend Reading, and that’s fine too. In research, my primary focus is conflict in Uganda and broader east-central Africa. I study African politics and humanitarian intervention, and am interested in politics, social movements, and education more broadly.

You can find out more about my research here and see my CV here [pdf].

I recently completed an M.A. in African Studies at Yale University. My thesis was about radio’s role as a response to the LRA conflict in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am currently working on expanding the thesis to discuss intervention in the LRA conflict. While at Yale, I was also a managing editor at the Yale Journal of International Affairs.

A native Arizonan, I tripled majored at Arizona State University in Secondary Education, History, and Global Studies (with a concentration in Violence, Conflict, and Human Rights). I am currently a high school social studies teacher, and I have taught at all levels of high school and some college. I live in New York.

The usual caveat – all thoughts are my own – applies.

You can always contact me at Scootles7 AT gmail DOT com. I’d be glad to chat!

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