This blog is broadly about politics, conflict, intervention, activism, education, and history. I write about these things and more. I also read a lot. In research, my primary focus is the Lord’s Resistance Army conflict that began in northern Uganda and is currently continuing in eastern D.R. Congo and Central African Republic. I study African politics, and am interested in U.S. politics, social movements, and education.

You can find out more about my research here and see my CV here [pdf].

I recently completed an M.A. in African Studies at Yale University. My thesis is about radio’s role as a response to the LRA conflict in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am currently working on expanding the thesis to discuss intervention in the LRA conflict. While at Yale, I was also a managing editor at the Yale Journal of International Affairs.

A native Arizonan, I tripled majored at Arizona State University in Secondary Education, History, and Global Studies (with a concentration in Violence, Conflict, and Human Rights). I always thought I was meant to become a high school history teacher, but later moved towards higher education. I am now a high school social studies teacher again (temporarily), so we’ll see which career wins out in the end.

Throughout my college years and into now, I had a long relationship with advocacy for ending the conflict caused by the LRA. While at ASU I started Schools for Schools, a student organization which was affiliated with both Invisible Children and Resolve Uganda (now The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative).

The usual caveat – all thoughts are my own – applies.

You can always contact me at Scootles7 AT gmail DOT com. I’d be glad to chat!

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